A starving Italian painter flees Paris in the winter of 1974. His destination - a tiny island lost in the Indian Ocean. His destiny - a soul-crushing love triangle with a French nobleman and a haughty Parisian intellectual. The offspring - involuntary exile. And his predestined son, Laurent D'Allegro.

An adored father, why has he inexplicably abandoned home? 

At 33, a visual artist himself, Laurent is on the verge of fame and scandal. From bullied teen to heart breaker and serial seducer, he is the ugly duckling turned into a gorgeous swan – living only to devour other swans. Emotionally crippled, he oscillates between taking revenge and seeking redemption. True love, and a tragedy, will help him decide.

Traveling back and forth in time, The Last Canvas takes us on a ride through the maze of lies of an extraordinary family. Several conversations, five generations and all continents later, Laurent discovers he has loved and hated people in his life for the wrong reasons, which are not fully understood until - the last canvas.

I am not who I am. 

I am not what you think I am. 

Please listen, and be kind.

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