Index of Episodes

The Last Canvas

-- this novel is aimed at a mature audience; the chapters marked with (*) are NSFW, some of them containing nudity and|or sex and|or violence; nothing too graphic, just be careful where you open them.

 |First Transmission|The Heart|

|Episode 31| Wrong delivery(*)
|Episode 32| Shipwreck 'monter'
|Episode 33| Conflicting memories
|Episode 34| Not yet your mother(*)
|Episode 35| Breakfast by the pool
|Episode 36| Partners
|Episode 37| Chained to a madman(*)
|Episode 38| The best things in life(*)
|Episode 39| Everything harmed her
|Episode 40| Connoisseur of her curves(*)
|Episode 41| The Origin of the World(*)
|Episode 42| A dirty road(*)
|Episode 43| Return to the 20th century
|Episode 44| Erasing that episode
|Episode 45| Held hostage
|Episode 46| Sophie
|Episode 47| Love idyll(*) 
|Episode 48| Kissing D'Artagnan
|Episode 49| Who is this woman?
|Episode 50| Half
|Episode 51| The last sunrise(*)
|Episode 52| Love and enlightenment(*)
|Episode 53| Kick the saddhu
|Episode 54| A nullity(*)
|Episode 55| Destination: Punaouilo

|Interlude ONE|
|Episode 56| Interlude 1.1
|Episode 57| Interlude 1.2
|Episode 58| Interlude 1.3
|Episode 59| Interlude 1.4
|Episode 60| Interlude 1.5
|Episode 61| Interlude 1.6
|Episode 62| Interlude 1.7
|Episode 63| Interlude 1.8
|Episode 64| Interlude 1.9
|Episode 65| Interlude 1.10(*)
|Episode 66| Interlude 1.11
|Episode 67| Interlude 1.12
|Episode 68| Interlude 1.13(*)
|Episode 69| Interlude 1.14
|Episode 70| Interlude 1.15
|Episode 71| Interlude 1.16
|Episode 72| Interlude 1.17
|Episode 73| Interlude 1.18(*)
|Episode 74| Interlude 1.19
|Episode 75| Interlude 1.20(*)
|Episode 76| Interlude 1.21


|Episode 77| Farewell to Nirvana
|Episode 78| Implosion, explosion 
|Episode 79| Exile
|Episode 80| A child is born
|Episode 81| Ill-fated kiss
|Episode 82|Between Paris and Punaouilo
|Episode 83| Owls and parrots
|Episode 84| The Dark Room(*)
|Episode 85| Survival strategy(*)
|Episode 86| Panic ridden success(*)
|Episode 87| Just another ordinary day
|Episode 88| Belittled lives
|Episode 89| Listening to your silence
|Episode 90| The orphaned father
|Episode 91| Old wounds in the family
|Episode 92| Bric-a-brac celebration 
|Episode 93| The medieval dandy
|Episode 94| Let her drown(*)
|Episode 95| Why, Catherine (*)
|Episode 96| Motherless mother
|Episode 97| The financial tsunami(*)
|Episode 98| A late rebellion(*)
|Episode 99| Nobody's hallway

|Second Transmission|The Body|

|Episode 01-II| La vie en rose
|Episode 02-II| Beneath the waves
|Episode 03-II| Angelo
|Episode 04-II| I'm not gay (*)
|Episode 05-II| My coming out - for two
|Episode 06-II| An odd type of community (*)
|Episode 07-II| Front and rear
|Episode 08-II| A carousel in Paris
|Episode 09-II| I want to follow him
|Episode 10-II| Ultimatum
|Episode 11-II| A macchiato person
|Episode 12-II| Laurent who?
|Episode 13-II| Household battles
|Episode 14-II| The last celebration
|Episode 15-II| Cherry snow sleep (*)
|Episode 16-II| Not what you think
|Episode 17-II| Of Seagulls and Airplanes
|Episode 18-II| The lover had a lover (*)
|Episode 19-II| The forest monks (*)
|Episode 20-II| The Surfer Monk
|Episode 21-II| Porn and Practice (*)
|Episode 22-II|
|Episode 23-II|
|Episode 24-II|
|Episode 25-II|
|Episode 26-II|
|Episode 27-II|
|Episode 28-II|
|Episode 29-II|
|Episode 30-II|


  1. I'm on chapter 5. If you keep this as good as it has been so far I fear I will have no afternoons to water my plants left until I'm done reading!! Hahaha. Poor plants.

    1. Oh no, please don't neglect your plants because of my story. I don't want that bad karma falling on me :)

      My story will be here waiting for you, but your plants might suffer from your absence!

      I am glad you are back and enjoying what you read. Until January 2015 I hope to revise the entirety of chapters published so far, joining 'the last canvas' and 'Laurent under the sun' into this blog here, and then we will have the new episodes.

      Thank you for commenting.

  2. Hello Andante Zen!
    I have a question. The chapter I read on your other blog, Laurent Under the Sun, was chapter 15, conclusion. Am I correct in understanding that this chapter is the most recent one you have written, not counting the revised ones? :)

    1. Hello, dear.

      You are right. That's where I'll pick the plot from, once I finish revising the whole story, and splitting the chapters into smaller episodes. They had become too long, with too many pictures, and I am not able to update the story in that pace any longer. I have also started revising the text on my smartphone, and thus the eps were made conveniently shorter for these devices, too. I think some of my readers will approve.

      Thank you for coming thus far with the novel, and for having always commented.



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